About Us

We are a family owned business in operation since 1955 in Arlington, VA.


We can outfit you from Great Falls to Nepal!


It's all about enjoying the little moments.

 It’s a lifelong journey made up of many footprints in the sand.  When one fades away, take another step, and enjoy the start of the next adventure. 





Casual Adventure is a local family-owned and –operated outdoor specialty outfitting store located in the Virginia Square neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia. It still stands in its original location, dating back to 1955.


Originally founded as a small District Grocery Store (DGS) by Oscar Stern in 1945, Casual Adventure has grown into one of the leading outdoor outfitters in the Washington metropolitan area. Currently run by Oscar’s great-grandson, Eric Stern, Casual Adventure continues to focus on its strong tradition of customer service, dedication to premier outdoor and tactical brands, and a unique merchandise mix that few stores its size can duplicate. Customer service is the defining characteristic of Casual Adventure. Our friendly staff knows many of our customers by face, name, and gear preference. Because of this, our store has been compared to the TV show “Cheers”…but without the beers!





Casual Adventure has evolved with the times. From 1955 until 1985, we were known as “The Surplus Center”. Our shelves were stocked with military fatigues, field jackets, canteens, and other GI merchandise. As the marketplace change, and the revolution in outdoor gear evolved from military surplus to the cutting edge technology of today, we reinvented ourselves, changing from “The Surplus Center” to “Casual Adventure” in 1985. This allowed us to bring in a collection of the fine brands we stock today: The North Face, Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, Benchmade, 5.11 Tactical, Mammut, and Arc’Teryx LEAF. Enhancing our strong local roots and environmental consciousness, Casual Adventure has long been a member of the Better Business Bureau, the Arlington Chamber of Commerce, and mostly recently The Grassroots Outdoor Alliance.



Our commitment to our customers begins with our commitment to our staff, who have endured the test of time. Neil (third generation) had over 40 years of experience, having started out sweeping the floors while he was still in school.  Eric (fourth generation) has continued the family tradition with dedicated service that began more than a decade ago. With the help of our staff, we continue to mold the vision of Casual Adventure to meet the changing needs of our customers.





We hike, bike, backpack, ski, run, race, camp out, and hang out. We frequent Skyline Drive, Signal Knob, and Shenandoah. We venture out to the Grand Canyon, the Cayman Islands, and Mount Catoctin. We sponsor outdoor enthusiasts like Yul Kwon, Saeed Toosi, and Andrew Towne. We support outdoor organizations like Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment, The Arlington Outdoor Lab, Potomac Overlook, and the Arlington Green Games. We donate to local Arlington schools, scout troops, and clubs like the Arlington Optimists. Our knowledge and expertise are derived from the activities we love, and we share that passion with our customers—many of whom know us by name.





At Casual Adventure, we are dedicated to making your next outdoor experience more enjoyable, no matter the condition, no matter the final destination—even to the summit of Mount Everest. (Congratulations, Saeed!) We carry products from a wide variety of manufacturers, and our staff has the expertise to help you choose the gear that’s right for you. Thank you for your support for over 50 years! So yes, “We Can Outfit YOU from Great Falls to Nepal.”

We are able to do bulk orders as well as ship to anywhere in the world.


Come visit our store here in Arlington, Virginia. “We Can Outfit You From Great Falls to Nepal.”


Casual Adventure is conveniently located just outside of Washington, DC, several minutes from the Pentagon, between Clarendon and Ballston. We are a 5 minute walk from the Virginia Square/George Mason University metro stop on the Orange Line and have free parking in front of the store.


3451 North Washington Blvd. * Arlington, VA 22201

703-527-0600 (p) * 703-524-9090 (f)


Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9:30am-8:00pm

Sat. 9:30am-6:00pm • Sun. 12:00pm-5:00pm •