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Product Overview

 Designed to upgrade the support and comfort of active footwear. Features  high arch support to alleviate pressure from the heel to the bottom of  the foot, a spacious heel cradle to accommodate a wider fit, thick  quality cushioning for impact absorption, and heat moldable base that  keeps its support while adapting to your foot. 

 Whether you are running or running around, KNEED2Run insoles are  designed to replace and upgrade the support in athletic shoes.  Beneficial to help relieve injuries (like plantar fasciitis, tibialis  posterior tendonitis and metatarsalgia), resist fatigue, and increase  performance. With a higher arch and wider heel cup then the other Kneed  insole models, KNEED2Move is designed to add extra support and  cushioning to your footwear. ADAPTIVE ARCH SUPPORT: Biomechanically shaped moldable base ensures support from heel to ball of the foot. FLEXIBLE: Naturally flexes with your foot and maintains its shape where you need support. PORON®  CUSHIONING: The best performance cushioning for impact absorption.  Designed to be the same thickness of the sock-liner you are replacing. HEEL CRADLE: Optimizes your heel’s natural cushioning without causing heel slippage 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review