4 Slide Climbing Package black

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 The perfect set for novices and advanced climbers. The 4 Slide Climbing Package includes everything you need for your successful climbing career. Thanks to its four Slide-Bloc buckles, the comfortable 4 Slide climbing harness allows the user-friendly operation and very flexible adjustment to every body size and situation. Reliable and correct belaying is enabled thanks to the combination of the Crag HMS carabiner and the Crag Light belay device. Two chalk balls and the Basic Chalk Bag ensure a secure grip in the climbing gym or out on the rocks. 


  • Item number2020-01080
  • Weight764 g
  • Crag HMS carabiner & Crag Light belay device
  • 2 chalk balls (each 40 g)
  • Gym Basic Chalk Bag – color Black
  • 4 Slide climbing harness – color Black