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Antimicrobial Protectant Spray

Antimicrobial Protectant Spray


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BioShield Antimicrobial Protectant is a fast and effective way to clean and protect your surfaces from the elements and normal wear and tear, while continuously eliminating harmful microbes. Simply spray, wipe, and walk away! 


- Multisurface antimicrobial protectant spray- Suitable for use on plastic, rubber, paint, vinyl, etc.- Dual action: Cleans and protects*- Effective for up to 2 weeks between applications- EPA Company #: 99381 *When used properly, surfaces treated with this product have been shown to reduce virus and bacteria counts by >98% in just 5 minutes




BioShield is committed to offering the best, most efficacious products on the market, and will continue to test new products and make the results available on this site. All testing is conducted through accredited third party testing facilities, with a summary of findings published here and detailed reports available on request.


In July 2020, we tested our antimicrobial film with a third party testing facility, Microchem Laboratory, using the JIS Z 2801 bacterial efficacy test for both E. coli and S. aureus. The results of the test found that after 24 hours of exposure to the embedded silver nanoparticles the presence of both strains of bacteria was reduced by 99.9%.Viral efficacy testing was conducted in September and October 2020 in conjunction with the University of Arkansas, a leading test center and CDC grant recipient. These tests found viral reduction in all BioShield products against a coronavirus surrogate at >99.9% in the standard 24 hour testing window, with some products showing viral reduction of >98% in just 5 minutes.