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        The C200 Youth Catcher's Gear kit includes everything a young  backstop needs for comfort and safety behind the plate. The kit comes  complete with a helmet, chest protector and leg guards. Adjustable metal  buckles allow for a secure fit and easy on and off between innings.      

  • Sub-Department Catchers protective 



  • KIT INCLUDES: Catcher’s Helmet, Chest Protector and Leg Guards 
  • HELMET: Premium grade ABS shell with glossy finish and moisture-wicking chin pad 
  • SEI CERTIFIED: Product meets NOCSAE application -- Sizes: Youth (6 3/8 - 7 1/8) 
  • CHEST PROTECTOR: High-density foam padding,  Over-the-shoulder harness, Precision pad design to help block the ball  down -- Sizes: Youth (12”) 
  • NOCSAE PROTECTED CHEST GUARD: Built-in/Removable pocket houses NOCSAE chest guard included 
  • NOCSAE protective chest guard MUST be worn with this  catcher’s chest protector for the chest protector to adhere to NOCSAE  standards and regulations 
  • LEG GUARDS: Lightweight premium grade ABS plastic –  Anatomically inspired design -- Adjustable metal buckles for easy on/off  and snug fit -- Sizes: Youth (13”)