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Andax Industries CBRN AirBoss Overboots

Andax Industries CBRN AirBoss Overboots


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 The  CBRN Protective Overboots provide more than 24-hour protection against  chemical and biological warfare agents. The smooth surface, special  compound and design of the Chemical Overboots facilitates proper  decontamination.  

   The  best-in-class CBRN Protective Overboots are made with injection-moulded  bromobutyl, an easy-to-decontaminate material that offers superior  protection against CBRN threats. Seamless, ambidextrous and easy to don  and doff, the Chemical Protective Overboots integrate readily with CBRN  suits to provide the ultimate in personal protection. The Moulded  AirBoss Lightweight Overboot (MALO) is the most advanced CBRN protective  footwear available. The CBRN Protective Overboots provide 24-hours of  continuous protection against CW agents based on stringent military test  methods. The Chemical Protective Overboots are impermeable to all  biological agents. Chemical Overboots are excellent protection against a  wide range of TICs.  CBRN Overboots provide more than 24 hours protection against chemical  and biological warfare agents. The smooth surface, special compound and  design of the Chemical Overboots facilitates proper decontamination. CBRN Overboots are easy to put on or take off and are designed to  integrate with a wide range of protective clothing. The Chemical  Overboots are offered in five sizes from Small (S) to Double Extra Large  (XXL), which cover primary footwear up to 18. The low volume vacuum  packaging of the CBRN Overboots assures optimized storing space. Used by NATO, its allies, and First Responders worldwide, the CBRN  Overboots are the most widely used and user proven CBRN protective  footwear in the world. CBRN Protective Overboots Features:   

  • 24 hr protection from Chemical and Biological agents
  • Cleans up with soap and water
  • Shelf Life of 10 -15 years in original packaging

Chemical Overboots Product Applications:   

  • Decontamination
  • WMD Prepardness

CBRN Overboots Product Options:   

NOTE:  Corresponding boot size is for reference only. Boot designs vary and  will have different outer dimensions. It is recommended to conduct a fit  trial for best fit results. Product sizing is shown in US sizes only.
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