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Cub Scout Handbook Tiger and ADL (updated 2024)

Cub Scout Handbook Tiger and ADL (updated 2024)


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This official handbook includes the Adult Partner Guide.

2024 Cub Scout Tiger Handbook & Adult Partner Guide:

• Program: Cub Scouts
• Rank: Tiger
• Type: Handbook
• Includes Tiger Adult Partner Guide
• Official Cub Scout Tiger Handbook


The  Tiger badge of rank is designed for youth currently attending  1st  grade. When pursuing this rank, Cub Scouts can explore the engaging  world of Scouting with the Cub Scout Tiger Handbook, which also includes  a helpful Tiger Adult Partner Guide. This interactive handbook serves  as a fun-filled activity guide where Scouts can explore and enjoy the  six required and twenty elective Tiger Cub Scout Adventures. Each  activity within the handbook introduces new topics or fulfills  requirements for specific Tiger Adventures. Notably, Scouts will  encounter familiar characters from the Scout Life magazine cartoon strip  Tigers' Adventures.

In addition to the Cub Scout Tiger Handbook, the Tiger Adult Partner  Guide plays a crucial role. This guide is a comprehensive handbook for  adult partners, offering valuable information on the aims and methods of  the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and Cub Scouting. It covers essential  aspects such as how Cub Scouting is organized, guidelines for conducting  Tiger Den meetings, and the specific requirements for Tiger Adventures.  Together, these resources create a well-rounded foundation for both  Tiger Cub Scouts and their adult partners in the exciting journey  through Cub Scouting.