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                     DETAILS               Only slightly larger than a quarter and weighing a  quarter of an ounce, the Pulsar provides instant illumination for any  situation and offers easy battery replacement. This compact Ultrabright LED burns with unbelievable intensity making  it the perfect choice for key chains, backpacks, book bags, zippers and  emergency situations.    CORE TECHNOLOGY 

                             POWER                           10 Lumens

                              LAMP                           1 Ultrabright LED

                              BURN TIME                           12 hours

                              BATTERIES                           2 2016 Lithium Coin Cell

                              WEIGHT                           .24oz / 7g

                              WATER RESISTANT                           IPX4

                              WARRANTY                           5 Years


FOCUSED WIDE BEAM                                          This beam pattern is an  excellent choice for multipurpose activities. At close range, wide beams  simulate normal daylight conditions and allow you to take advantage of  your peripheral vision.                                     


IPX4                                          These lights are designed for  water resistance to splashing and quick dunkings. If a light with a IPX4  rating is accidentally submerged for a longer period of time, the  batteries should be removed and the cabinets should be carefully  inspected for signs of battery leakage. If water has entered the  housing, the light should be dried and batteries replaced.                                      

 MULTIPLE MODE                                          Multiple settings on many of our  products give you the flexibility to adjust your light’s brightness to  illuminate greater distances or to conserve battery power, depending on  your needs.                                     


ULTRABRIGHT LED                                          The Ultrabright LED is bright  and efficient. The smooth, white, wide-beam light emitted by Ultrabright  LEDs is ideal for close to mid-range tasks. Ultrabright LEDs are  usually grouped together to offer a more powerful light source. Advances  currently underway will continue to improve the efficiency and  brightness of Ultrabright LEDs. "Ultrabright" can also be yelled when  using the term in conversation, but not nearly as loud as "Maxbright".                                      



Backpacking/Hiking                                          Planning to cover some ground  and travel light? Maybe it’s the destination – or maybe it’s all the  steps between. Either way, lights in this category will help you find  your way (or enjoy right where you are) when the sun goes down.  (Especially if something goes bump in the night.)                                      

 Camping                                          Sleeping under the stars and  getting away from it all. Whether you need some light to bustle around  the RV after lights out, set up your nomadic home for the night among  the pines, or enjoy some campfire time with friends, family (or  yourself), these products will serve you well. (Maybe even in a van down  by the river, we don't judge.)                                     

    Safety/Industrial                                          Does your job require work in  less than ideal environments? Sometimes you need a little extra light,  sometimes you need a primary light – and sometimes, that light needs to  not only be bright, but be rated to work safely in hazardous conditions.                                      

 Travel/EDC                                          Whether expected (a trip!) or  unexpected (an unplanned turn of events), having an easy to access,  dependable light on you could make all the difference, where ever you  end up.